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Eat better.

If you enjoy desserts, this one’s for you! Enjoy our gluten-free, preservative- free, Acai and Chia brownie that embodies all the decadence of fudgy treat without all the bad stuff! Available in two flavors, Choco O’Cacao and Coco O’ Vanille.


All Natural & Vegan

Enjoy a bite sized delight with our Mini Macaroons. These are packed with nutritious superfoods such as Acai and Chia combined with a blend of carefully selected almonds and maca powder! Available in Almond Choco and Almond Vanille.
Three chocolate balls are stacked on top of each other.
Two bottles of cheese alternative and parmaveg.


A Healthier Alternative.

A quick, easy and guilt-free alternative to seasoning! Enhance and elevate any dish with a sprinkle of our ParmaVeg Grated Cheese alternative. These are crafted using hemp, dairy-free products and come in 2 flavors: original and Spicy making these your go-to condiment for a great tasting, nutrient-dense and cheesy boost.